"Save Me From My Friends​!​"

by The Great Indoors

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EP number 2 from us at The Great Indoors. This one is a bit more proper. We like it. We hope you like it.


released September 16, 2016

Vocals, Words, Acoustic Guitar - Callum Friend
Words - Sam Sax
Lead Guitar - Jack Valla
Bass Guitar - Manny Mansfield
Drums - Wilson Delaney
Backing Vocals - Charlotte Arch
Production - Maxim Vuolo, Martin Friend



all rights reserved


The Great Indoors Welwyn Garden City, UK

Folk/punk band from a little island off Europe.

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Track Name: Essay on Crying in Public
This is for a cheating motherfucker

I'm bent over the sidewalk weeping outside the theatre
You stand above me horse built from a father's beer cans
And it's my fault; it always is

You said "do what you what you will" and your will was done
So what? I was born drunk and mean with my teeth knocked out
So what? I was born crying but I've been going strong ever since

That other man has a name
I hate that

He has a mouth and I fixed gear bike and HIV
And you sat on his bed waiting for him to say anything
That you're pretty or you're nice or have nice sneakers

And when you did you leaped into his body
And stayed there for a while
Maybe brushed your teeth
Ate a spoiled piece of fruit

And then you came back to me with your house keys out
The ones I had cut for you
You said you couldn't stop thinking of me
How he tasted too sweat
Cut flowers in chemical powder and candy souring in heat... heat... heat

How glad you are to live here
Where everything feels safe, basic, real estate

My chest: a thin sheet of latex
My bed: a coffin for you to store your futures in

And how bad does the news have to be
Before you get to shoot the messenger?
How do you bury the hatchet?
It always ends up in my back
When you tell me he
Empties you like an animal hide

I'm fine

Until I'm inconsolable
In public in public
Everyone is crying
And I don't know why
I'm crying either

Maybe its because
We're going to see a play where everybody dies
Maybe I can't be to look at you covered in mouths
Maybe it's the sidewalk pulling salt out of my head
Maybe I can't bare to look at you now without seeing you dead
Track Name: Others Would Do Better
I'm gonna go out tomorrow
I'm gonna go out tomorrow and see
That it's you chasing after me

I'm gonna stay in tomorrow
I'm gonna stay in tomorrow and be
The exact opposite of what you want me to be

Check the internet
See how angry I can get

Never look at the phone for your response
I don't need you and you well you don't need me

Think about that holiday in Cornwall
Know how angry you can get
But that's the point
That's the point
That's the point
And I don't care
Well I don't care
Track Name: Come Over Walljumper
You were born in Saxony
In 1942
Eighteen: joined the state police
Just as your daddy wanted you to

But three months in Dresden
Was all it took
You had to leave the party early
And never give a second look back

A thousand metal snakes
Writhing on the ground
One looks directly at you
Your heads spins round and round and round

Send your guards out on patrol
In separate directions
You say "just take a stroll
And don't stop
Til you reach Moscow"

And so you jump
And you do you hit the ground running
Straight in that cop car
They don't see it coming
Because you've swapped your loaded gun for an empty one
And when the camera turns to you
You're gone

She finds you in the orchard
Your nurse from Bavaria
Thoughts drive themselves into her mind
Like all the motors you built for her

So President Kennedy beckons
I scythe in one hand
Tomorrow's headline in the other

Smash yourself through one side of a concrete mass
And emerge victorious from another
Track Name: Poison IV (Solo Acoustic)
She said "you need a new song"
So I strung these notes and words together
But she didn't sing along
She just sneered
"It sounds like some rope on a swing in a park
That's seen some bad weather
But generally shit altogether"

So now these words creek when I sing them
But at least they're not over the top
When I rage out these chords from this old guitar
IV tells me to stop stop stop
"It's killing me in here"

So I tried to write a love song
But she cringed when I sang it
And "oh it was far too long"
She said "just stick to the major keys
Write songs without meaning not wrapping in melody"

So now she bends right down to my face
And the spit drips off of my nose
Tears the mic right through my veins and howls
"That's not how it goes
That's not how it goes
That's not how it goes"

So I raise my broadsword
And plunge it into my left temple
It emerges from the right as I laugh maniacally

She collapses to her knees
And she begs me for mercy
The glee presents itself in my soul quite indescribably